How to Play Lotteries

How to Play Lotteries

Online Lottery Gambling – Preparation

If you haven’t played a lottery with an online casino or bookmaker before, then there are certain things you should bear in mind. You will have to sign on with the site, so do your homework and find a reputable gambling site. Check out our Top Lottery Sites page for some help in doing this.

Do not be surprised if the site asks you for personal information regarding yourself. This is because they, like you with their site, want to verify how genuine the potential customer is. Reputable sites are often targeted by people who wish to commit fraud against them.

The Interactive Gaming Council ( recommends that you follow this checklist:

Does it have IGC Membership? This means that the site should follow it’s guidelines for fair and responsible behaviour.
Does it have a player support section that you can access when things go wrong or more information on the game is required?
Look for the name of the software provider and write it down.
Look for the name of the E-Cash provider.
Where is the site licensed? Keep these for your records.
Check for the name of the auditor of casino pay outs.
Finally look for the name of the company that verifies the Random Number Generator used on the site.
When you are satisfied that these aspects of the site check out, it’s often a good idea to start out by placing small bets.

How To Play Online Lotteries – Basic Rules

The basic principle is that you bet on which balls will appear in your chosen lottery draw. The odds are fixed, so that the payout is the same every time. Your stake will be multiplied with each ball you get right and paid out to you. You can bet on a maximum of five balls and the balls must be in the right order to win. Bonus/ Power balls are not usually counted in the result.

For example: you have bet £1 on balls for a 6-ball lottery. If you predict one ball correctly, then you receive (depending on the lottery) about £7 pound back. Guess three balls correctly (in the right order) and you receive about £600, which is multiplied from your initial stake. As a further example, if your stake was £2 and you got three in the right order, then the prize would be around £1200 (depending on the lottery and the fixed odds offered by the individual bookmaker). Bookmakers publish their odds on their website, so you can weigh up which would be the best lottery to bet on, according to the size stake you are willing to use.

Playing Online Lotteries – Lottery Variations

There are many different lotteries that bookmakers can offer odds on. You can bet on the seven-ball New York Lottery with which you can win thousands for getting three balls right. However there are over 50 balls and the chances of a win are less likely than if you bet on, for example, the Irish lottery. The Irish lottery is billed as being easier to win on due to there only being 42 balls in the draw.

Here are some of the other lotteries you can play:

The Australian Lottery
The Canadian Lottery
The French Lottery
The German Lottery
The Greek Lottery
The Hong Kong Lottery
The Spanish Lottery
The Singapore Lottery.
As with other forms of gambling, weigh up your chances against how much you are willing to bet and stick with it. It is probably best to play lotteries that have smaller jackpots with more chance of winning a good prize on one or two balls to begin with.

Go to our Lottery Gambling Strategy page for more information on how to get the most out of playing lotteries.

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