Rugby Union – Betting Strategy

Rugby Union – Betting Strategy

Here you can learn about rugby union betting strategy as well as some useful hints and tips for betting on rugby union events. All of the advice is equally as applicable to online rugby union betting as it is to making a rugby union bet at your local bookmakers.

When betting on rugby union it’s important to study the form of the team (and the players) you want to bet on. A fundamental rule to bear in mind is ‘don’t bet on what you don’t understand’. If you don’t know the Celtic League from the Powergen Cup and can’t tell Saracens form from the Sale Sharks then either find out, or maybe bet on something else.

Leading up to a match you should carefully monitor the injury and suspension situation for each team and keep an eye in the press for clues on team morale etc. When forming your rugby union betting strategy you should also consider factors such as the performances and results in recent games and what happened the last time the two teams in question faced each other.

Some teams will alter their tactics for certain games. Rugby union has a rich history and still holds some strong traditions. When local rivals, such as Bath and Gloucester, play each other the games are often fiercely competitive and unpredictable.

In certain circumstances teams may not need to play well to succeed. In the Six Nations, for example, a scenario could arise where the bottom team is more likely to beat the top team. If the top team has already mathematically won the tournament, but the bottom team still has a chance of avoiding the wooden spoon, then there is every chance that the bottom team will be more motivated and therefore more likely to win, in spite of their positions in the table. Rugby 6 Nations betting can be exciting, but there are lots of different factors to consider.

When forming a Rugby Union betting strategy it’s also essential to study the odds as well as the teams. Rugby union betting odds can vary dramatically from one bookmaker to the next. Online rugby union betting is a good way to monitor this. One benefit of the explosion in popularity of internet sports betting is that you can now compare rugby union betting odds from bookmakers at the touch of a button. You can do this by visiting our Latest Odds section.

If you now want to put your rugby union betting strategies into practice, take a look at our Rugby Union – Where To Bet page.

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